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Support & Service.

This is the vital component that gets a rider to the finish line. No matter how good your bike is or if you are a fantastic rider there will be, at some point in the event, a moment when good support or lack of it can influence the result. This is true for the winners and amateurs alike.

At RallyRaid UK we take our support of our customers very seriously. There are no short cuts, you either have the equipment, the personnel or the parts or you haven’t.

Equipment. We run a fleet of five service vehicles:

·         T5 Truck. The heavy one that goes directly to the next bivouac and awaits your arrival.

·         T4 Truck. This one is entered in the event, in the truck class, and is behind you on the course.

·         F350 pickups. We have two of these and use them for fast assistance.

·         Discovery. Used for specialised assistance.


These vehicles are used in a different ‘mix’ according to the number of cars and bikes in an event. For those events where we were only supporting a few bikes we would use an F350 while at the Dakar Rally where we will be supporting bikes and cars the T5 & T4 trucks would be accompanied by an F350. These vehicles as well as transporting the mechanics and their tools carry the service equipment such as welders, compressors, generators and overhead flood lights. They are in effect fully equipped mobile workshops.


Support. You can take advantage of this comprehensive equipment in two different ways.

·    The most effective way is through a ‘turnkey package’ this includes the bike of your choice and service at the event. Depending on the event you choose we take your bike to the start, see it through scrutineering, service it during the event, bring it back and, if you wish, refurbish it for the next event.

·    Alternatively if you already own a suitable bike we will provide service for you at a reasonable cost.


Our turnkey packages and paid for support packages do not include the following.

Personal travel to and from the event, hotel accommodation prior to and after the event, visas (if applicable), competition clothing and riding gear, rider insurance, competition licences, consumables and event fuel.


The above varies slightly depending on the event and when you declare an interest in a specific event we can advise you in detail.

Check out our Dakar RACEPLAN here and race a KTM  in the next Dakar Rally.



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