RallyRaid UK return from the Dakar

Rally Raid International participated in the 2009 Dakar and, given the gruelling new course through Argentina and Chile which knocked out in excess of 60% of the 194 cars that started, was pleased to see three of its six team vehicles cross the finish line: one new prototype independent car and two of the ever-enduring Desert Warriors.


 paul-and-ben-2009Paul Round and Ben Metcalfe brought the independent car home in 61st place, while also providing fast race support to all the other Desert Warriors in the event.\n\n\n


\n\nJust ahead of them, Iginio Voorhorst and Jos van Bergen Hengouw finished in 56th place – which for a pair of rookies is a tremendous achievement.\n\nJoris Mattijs and Jan De Witte who finished in 83rd place made up the third winning team from Rally Raid all going to prove what can be achieved with determination.\n\nCongratulations are also due to Jean-Pierre Jacobs and Kees Tijsterman who finished in 71st place, so overall Rally Raid had a better success rate than the factory teams! Better luck next year to the Desert Warriors that did not finish – this year”s event was perhaps the hardest yet with more dust than you can imagine.\n\nFinally let”s not forget our lone Rally Raid biker, Ingo Waldschimdt, who finished the race in an impressive 52nd position out of 235 starters.\n\n \n\n \n\nÂ

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