D4-WN4 prototype arrives

You have to play don”t you … And when were not out racing we are inventing and the results of our labour is the D4-WN2 prototype. Slightly wider and longer than the normal Desert Warrior and looking almost the same visually does not really give the game away. When you look under the hood theres a full independent rolling chassis powered by the BMW deisel that we know and love.\n


\n\nBut beware – this ones not for the faint hearted – it”s ability to devour tracks is stunning and that’s were the independent suspension really show”s it”s technological advantage but it”s also very unforgiving – get it wrong and the beast bites back.\n


\n\nStill Paul Round took one to the end of the 2009 Dakar proving once again a winning design concept from Rally Raid International. cars are custom built to client order and are designed for those of a discerning eye, for more infomation please contact Paul using the details at the bottom of the page.


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