BMW Diesel retro fit HELP from the pro’s

The BMW 306D3 24 valve alloy diesel in the Desert Warrior 3

For years we have fitted the BMW diesel engine to our race cars and over this year we have encountered just about every possible problem and not always in the easiest of circumstances, sometimes it 2 am in the Sahara desert on a large dune with a big sandstorm approaching.

So with all this knowledge some years ago we decided to sell some of this knowledge to the amateur builder in the form of a wiring loom to connect the engine to the car.

It’s on sale in  our shop HERE.

This is what the all alloy 306D3 BMW diesel engine look like in the desert warrior 3.

The BMW 306D3 24 valve alloy diesel in the Desert Warrior 3

The BMW 306D3 24 valve alloy diesel in the Desert Warrior 3

After selling a few of the looms, we made a little guide to the use of the loom, now it appears that the home builder including boat builder and diesel generator home builder are waking up to this amazing engine, the benefits of it are immense, even though the engine is in its 5th generation in the new BMW cars the Generation1 engine is still as good as all BMW’s competitors the Generation 2 certainly is as good as anything else around, the build quality of BMW OE parts is far beyond the rest, where you would find low grade plastic BMW have brass and stainless steel !!


If you’re not convinced of the suitability of the engine, just compare the performance figures with any other engine you are considering then add in

  1. straight 6 layout : easy fit , one cylinder head, one turbo, one exhaust
  2. Compact graphite iron block, weighs loads less than anything else in its class, and the Alloy engine is the weight of a good petrol engine
  3. BMW reliability
  4. Great access to aftermarket spares worldwide
  5. Long life cycle, the first generation is over 10 years out of production and still being used by many people in all sorts of projects.


So in the spirit of help we have made a help pdf for when you’re using our loom t make this engine work in your Car /Race car/ Boat /Generator or anything else you happen to want a powerful and economic engine.


download the pdf here

Happy converting


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